Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well only a few hours left of 2009 and then onto 2010. We are going to a friends house tonight to help ring in the new year.  I have been enjoying my time off school so far and find myself less motivated to get things done knowing that I have more time to get it done. Does that make sense? I seem to be more motivated knowing I have less time available. Well they do say that if you want to get something done quickly give it to someone who is busy! I have been busy knitting in the last week or so. I have made about three baby sweaters and plan to make many more. I will post pictures of what I have made so far this weekend sometime. I am enjoying looking up free knitting patterns on the web. These sweaters will be donated to various organizations for layettes for newborns. I am sure some will even make their way overseas at some point.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years! Stay Safe!

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