Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer is almost over!

It has been a crazy and hectic summer. I had two online college classes over the summer and I now get a whole 2 weeks off before starting up again. I was going to try to get some sewing in but that has taken a backseat to putting together a DVD of pictures for my Dad for his 70th Birthday. I have scanned over 115 pictures already and I have about 10 more years of pictures to go through. Although not all those years will need to be scanned as I converted to digital camera sometime in the last 4 years I think. Those pictures will already be on my computer so I will need to just choose which ones. I am hoping that he will like the DVD as it will take me the next two weeks to finish it up in my free time. I have until 19th, as I look at the calendar that is only one week away. Yikes! This next semester I will have three classes, Statistics, Psychology and Intro to Social Work. Upon completion of the Statistics class I will have completed my Associates degree. That will be a good feeling even though I still have about 3 years of school left going part time for my major of social work. Things are crazy at work as our Associate Pastor left and the church now has to go through the process of finding a new pastor. Our senior pastor will be busy. We are working on getting an interim pt pastor and hopefully he/she will start in September! Fall is a busy time in a church office with everything starting back up. Lots of paperwork for us office ladies.

Well I really need to try to get better at posting in the future. Life seems to be a runaway train these days and I need to make better efforts in doing some of the things I like to do rather than all the things I don't!