Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Figuring this blog out!

Well no picture showed up on the last entry. Not sure what went wrong. Will try again. That worked better. My computer can be really slow sometimes.

I am back

I had been blogging at my Yahoo 360 account for the last year but I think I will start to blog here also. I like the look of this blog. This picture is of a wall hanging with some blocks from a siggy swap with some online friends. I am going to handquilt it as I have just taught myself how to handquilt this last weekend. I have been wanting to do that for about two years and finally just decided to hand quilt a star on some muslin and I will make it into a pillow. I am going to make two of them for my couch. I continue to charity quilt and will share some of those quilts as time goes on.