Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quilts for Mexico

I finished up a few more quilts for Mexico. I am on a mission to get a box mailed out soon. I have about 9 more quilt tops ready to be sandwiched. I have to admit that I do cheat with these small quilts and use the envelope method and do not bind these quilts. I normally use a Stitch in the Ditch for the quilting also. I don't think the babies mind as long as they are warm! The quilt with the bird houses and light houses I had help with. Those blocks were sent to me by my many quilting friends online for the charity quilts.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Son's artwork

This picture is not quilting but it is a picture my son did in Art class that was chosen to be in an art show at a technical college a few towns away. We went to the opening day to see his artwork on display. He is in 2nd grade. I am a proud Mother, of course, but I think he did an awesome job.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Quilt Squares

For four years now I have been going into the elementary schools in my town and the kids have been coloring in quilt blocks for quilts for babies in need. This year the quilts will be going to Mexico to the labor camps babies. These are a few examples of what the blocks look like before they are put into a quilt. Today I went into 6 classrooms, K - 5th grade. There was a total of about 100 quilt squares colored in. I try to make a quilt for each class so that all the kids stay together with their classmates. Every year I tell myself that I will make the quilt design more interesting than just alternating a print square but last year I did about 18 quilts so I am also under pressure to get them all done. This year I am thinking about using the warm wishes design with these 6.5" squares. I have not gotten much else done on the quilting front as it seems I have been busy with everything else.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Baby Quilt

Here is another quilt that I put together quickly for Mexico. It is nothing special but made from
swatches of fabric that came from a company that makes those lavander shoulder things. Don't
know what they are called. I have a whole drawer full of them that I can cut into about 5.5" squares to work with. I like the bright colors and I know that those in Mexico like bright colors also.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Baby Quilts for Mexico

I am currently working on some quilts for Mexico. These are baby quilts for babies in the labor camps. My contact person there is a missionary in an orphanage. He says that in the labor camps the people have very little and if they are lucky they sleep on cement floors. This group puts together layettes for the new Mothers and their babies. You could read more about the orphanage and their outreach ministries at http://www.ffhm.org

I find that I have way too many ongoing projects in my sewing room but with determination and persistence I can get through them all. I guess as long as I have a project waiting for me then I will always have the motivation I need to keep going. Just like eating an elephant. One bite at a time!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Denim Quilts

This is my latest project. I am making three denim and flannel quilts for the High School graduates at my church. Members of church donated their old jeans and we cut out 7" squares. I will probably just stitch in the ditch for the quilting. Last year I made rag quilts and I did not want to cut that many quilts this year again! Looking at this picture I should have placed the white denim squares better. Thats what I get for not using my design wall! The other two I will be making are for boys so they will be red and blue flannel. I will definitely have to use my design wall to get better placement of the colors.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hand quilting

These are some dresden plate blocks that are about 50 years old. My co-worker has asked me to finish them up and I will be making two quilts out of the 16 blocks. This will take me quite awhile to finish up I am sure. This is my very first attempt at hand quilting. I decided to make pillows as that way the back of my project will not show through. I enjoyed the process so much (even though it does not look the greatest) that I am ready for more hand quilting projects. I basted a Halloween panel that I will hand quilt for my Mother. I have had the panel for years and always meant to put it together for my Mother but never got around to it. This will be a great project to do when I am too tired or unmotivated to really sew or quilt. I have tons of other projects going but need a break quite often.

It has snowed here in the midwest and school was cancelled today and we are wondering what tomorrow will bring. It is suppose to snow during the night tonight. I have to go to work no matter what as we are already short staffed. So I am sure the country roads will be fun to drive tomorrow.