Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Crafty at last.....

Well I have no motivation to get started quilting...yet. But I have been knitting instead. I have several pieces on various needles but these two sweaters were finished over the extra time off over the holidays. This first one, blue and pink is one that will be donated. Not positive which organization will end up getting it but it will go to a good cause at some point.

This second one was knitted with my new niece or nephew in mind. At the time I was not sure whether she was a girl or a boy but now that she was born on Jan. 1st we know she is a girl! This was actually the very first sweater that I have ever knitted. I have knitted many hats and prayer shawls but never a sweater before. I tend to knit tightly so it is probably smaller than it is suppose to be. I am knitting another colorful sweater and it may end up being larger as I used larger needles than the pattern called for (so far I think I should have gone even larger as it still looks pretty small). I don't even know where that sweater will be going, I am just enjoying the process immensly.

This weekend I will be starting my training for doing volunteer tax preparation so I may have to back off on the knitting for a bit to concentrate on that. Since school ended though I feel like I have tons of time to do not much of anything. It has been great!!!

My laptop computer needs some repairs and I have only about 12 days left on the warranty, so I am sending it in and will be without it for about 2-3 weeks. I realize how spoiled I have gotten being able to use the laptop in the living room instead of at a desk in an office chair. I do that all day at my job!

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Carol E. said...

I love both sweaters!! I need to learn how to do that. Maybe my daughter will teach me. I love knitting for its portability.