Monday, December 07, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.....

I feel for kids that go straight to college after high school not knowing what they want to do when they grow up. Even as an adult I am currently struggling with this. Tomorrow night I am going to go to the school where the social work degree is for a preview night. I can sit in on one of the classes with the other social work students and see what it is they are learning. I guess they are going to have some special speakers in class, one a graduate from their program.

I was trying to fill out the admissions essay for the business administration degree and it just does not feel right. I can't seem to get excited about attending business classes. I guess I have changed so much that I would rather study about people than numbers!

Everyone keeps telling me to go with my heart and my head just seems to get in the way all the time. I am way to sensible and also have a husband who is the same. I have never been a risk taker and this is causing a great amount of stress for me right now. I need to take that leap of faith and for some reason I don't want to take my foot off the edge! Being sensible does have its advantages at times but in this case it is very frustrating!

Well three more tests away from my Associates Degree and then it looks like I will get a break from school. It will be good for my family as I have been going pretty strong for about a year and a half now. Well back to studying....I have been wasting my day off on the computer. Can't lose my momentum now...I am almost done.

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Carol E. said...

Janet, you have such a caring heart. I wonder if you would feel squashed in business admin. But.. what do I know? I don't think you should compare quilting to a career. I am the same way with quilting.. when I am paid to do one, I hate the process. When I do them from my heart for creativity sake and give them where I want to, I love it. BUT... I could never do a job that I don't enjoy. You work way too many years to think of doing a job that you don't like, just because getting paid for what you love would ruin it. (I don't think that theory is correct.) It is not the same as quilting.

There are definitely frustrations in human services. But, my heart is warmed almost every day from the contact I get with students in need. I love that ALL of us are here because we care. I could never work in administration, because their focus is so different: bottom line, cutting budgets, creating systems, slashing systems. Yuck!! I much prefer working on the people level. However, I am not trying to convince you... just want you to think about where your heart is as you pursue a degree.

Could you stand working at that other end of the people places? The money end, organizing, cutting, planning, instead of working WITH the people right in the midst of things? Maybe social work isn't exactly right for you, but maybe some other focus in human services??

I don't know. Maybe you are exactly the right kind of warm-hearted, caring person that administration needs. An organizer who cares. What a find!

Whatever you decide, best of luck and have a great time doing it!! I admire all your hard work!