Saturday, November 28, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel.....

Well if I look up from my homework I can start to see the light at the end of this semester's tunnel. I have three weeks left and only about 6 more tests/finals left to complete. I am studying like a mad woman and can't wait until this semester is over.

I have been having a slight breakdown in my future plans with schooling. I am not sure I want to pursue the Social Work degree anymore. I am looking at going to Northwestern College to their Evening degree program called Focus. I am really impressed with the school and lately have been leaning towards getting a business administration degree which was where I was headed before being derailed many years ago. This area seems to be where I am the strongest. My thoughts is that I can use this degree to work in the non-profit industry to further a cause of some sort. After my social work intro class I am not so sure I am up to working with people on a one-to-one ratio. I can not even seem to motivate my own children to do things I am having a hard time seeing myself as a motivator for others in need. I know I will always volunteer and do what I can to advocate for those less fortunate just doubting whether I want to make it my job. They say that when you do something you love and start to get paid for it that your enjoyment goes away. Kind of like making quilts for money for me. When I made a few that were for someone else for pay the enjoyment went away.

Well that is it for now. After this semester, depending on what I decide I will either have 3 months off (Busn. Admin degree, unless I start that speech class I still need) or have 8 months off (social work degree).

What a dilema!

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BrendaLou said...

follow your heart! again, I'm so proud of all you've done with your schooling. BTW--I'll be back in Minn. early Feb-early March. another baby for Beka. I think that Carol's guild's show might be then. It would be great if we could all meet up again! Hugs.