Friday, May 30, 2008

Time goes swiftly by...

Time really flies when you are having fun(or just plain busy in my case)! I have been working on some quilt tops that need to be quilted from my sunshine online quilt guild. Last count was 25 quilts for Wrap A Smile and Wrap Them In Love combined. I have been having tension difficulties on both my long arm and my off the frame machine. I finally gave myself permission to do some stitch in the ditch quilting to get these quilts started. I have about 8 of them done and ready to go. The pile is starting to look a little smaller. I don't have any pictures to post right now as I am at work. That will be one of my projects this weekend, taking pictures. Tomorrow I am headed into the cities to pack food for Feed My Starving Children so most of Saturday will be used up. I don't mind though as it is suppose to be raining out and it is a VERY good cause and I am happy to help. Well lunch break will be over soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Wrap Them In Love is in the News in my hometown! If you are following my blog you have seen that I have been going into the classrooms and quilting with the kids. A week or so ago I went into 4 second grades classes and we did more quilts squares for four more quilts. These are all going to be donated to Wrap Them in Love when they are done being displayed at the local library in June. Well here I am with some of the students and one of the quilts already finished. One of the teachers submitted it to the paper and they ran it. It references the website for Wrap them In Love and also says that I accept donations of 100% cotton fabric for all the quilts I make. They did not give any contact info for me but I am in the phone book so if someone really wanted to find me they could. I was glad that these pictures of me actually are not too bad. At least acceptable for me considering almost the whole town will see it. I have submitted photos of the quilts in previous years but never with me in the picture, only the kids and the quilts. So this year being the fifth year of this project ended with 13 quilts and 13 classrooms visited. So I am pleased with the end result even though the process was a little more time consuming this year.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Working diligently....

I am continuing to work on the quilts from the kids at school. I have a total of 13 quilts that will need to be done by mid May and so far I have 6 completed, one that needs binding and 6 more that need to be pieced and quilted. It is starting to get busier as it is getting to be spring. Although spring is very late coming in the midwest this year. I never know what I should wear for the day , spring or winter clothes! These quilts are looking really scrappy but I don't think the kids in the orphanage will mind too much! I helped to get some quilts over to an orphanage in South Africa and was told that the kids loved the quilts and could not believe that they could keep them even when they were old enough to leave the orphanage. Getting that kind of information is what keeps me going! These quilts will be donated to Wrap them In Love which hand delivers quilts to the orphanages. So, if you are ever taking an international trip and know that you can visit an orphanage check out that website and you could take some quilts over with you also!
I have not been able to work on the Orange Crush mystery quilt hosted by Bonnie lately and am hoping I can get back to it at some point. I have most of the 4 patches completed but have not even started on Clue #2. And, I suppose the next clue has been issued but I am afraid to look as I will feel like I am very behind.
Hope you have a great day!